One of the most beautiful regions in the United States of America is Texas. Buying a house here can be quite tricky if you are not well-informed regarding what areas are excellent for moving and starting a new life. Therefore, if this is your plan for the future then we will offer you some help by showing you in this article what are the best places to buy a house in Texas, US.


Lakeview Heights

This is a wonderful neighborhood in Dallas, Texas. The population here counts 3,555 people. There is no doubt that Lakeview Heights is one of the best places to live in Texas a sit offers residents an amazing urban feel. Most of the residents here actually own their homes. The area has plenty of beautiful parks, coffee shops, lovely restaurants, and bars as well, where you can relax and make new friends. There are many professionals and families alike who live in this neighborhood, and the public schools here are without a doubt above average. Due to all these advantages, Lakeview Heights is considered at the moment one of the best places to buy a house in Texas.

Kingwood Area

This neighborhood in Houston, Texas is also strongly recommended for anyone who plans to move to Texas with the entire family. The entire place is a very safe one with lots of green spaces, shops, restaurants, and coffee shops. You children can go to any of the schools around here because all of them have great teachers. The entire neighborhood is extremely clean and very well organized so that you don’t get lost. The rate crime here is the lowest in the entire Houston, which certainly means that you and your children will be safe at all times.

Clear Lake, Houston, Texas

Clear Lake is also located in Houston, Texas, and we strongly recommend this area to anyone who wants to move to a beautiful and safe place in Texas. The population here counts not more and not less than 84,496 people. Clear Lake is in Harris County and it has plenty of wonderful houses of all sizes. The place is excellent for families and young couples as well. The public schools here are also highly rated and the entire area has plenty of shops, restaurants, and coffee shops. Just a few miles down you have one of the best malls in Houston, some lovely parks, and an amazing lake where you can relax, have a picnic, and enjoy the sun in the summertime. Clear Lake is a clean and respectful area, and overall a wonderful place to live.


All the above places in Texas are the most appreciated and most recommended by real estate agents for anyone who wants to buy a home in Texas. These areas are not only very clean and organized, but extremely safe as well, which is certainly a plus for those who want to move with the entire family. Therefore, if you are also planning to buy your dream house then don’t hesitate and contact a real estate agency in order to take you to see some properties in these neighborhoods.